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Audi R8 Gt ( Audi Spyder ) Audi GT Coupe and Audi R8 GT V10

Audi R8

 General information

 The factory: Quattro "A wholly owned subsidiary of Audi

 Main company: Volkswagen Group

 Production:  From 2006 until now 9,945 cars were manufactured by the end of 2008

 Category: Sports cars

 Assembly Neckarsulm, Germany

 Engine and transmission

 the engine:  4.2 L (V8)

                     5.2 L (V10)

 Engine mode: Center, longitudinal

 the movement: Drive all wheels

 Motion vector: 6-speed manual transmission

                           6-speed semi-automatic

 Weight and performance

 the weight: 1560kg (V8)

                    1620 kg (V10)

 fuel tank: 75 l

 Structure and body

 the shape:  Coupe, two doors 2007

                   Cabriolet 2009

 Dimensions: Tire base: 2649 mm

                       Length: 4431 mm

                       Display: 1904 mm

                       Height: 1249 mm

 The Audi R8 is a luxury sports car equipped with a two-seat mid-engine. The car is also equipped with a Quattro system, "a continuous four-wheel drive system." The car was entirely designed within the Audi subsidiary Quattro, which is dedicated to Audi for the production of high-performance models.  The car, according to Audi's approach to design called (Space Frame), is Audi's special method in designing aluminum aluminum structures to achieve lower weight and greater rigidity.

 In 2005, Audi announced the name of the successful car (Audi R8), which appeared as a race car at the Geneva Motor Show and the Frankfurt International Motor Show for the same year.  On September 30, 2006 Audi announced its new car at the Paris Auto Show, and its time was a sensation for this car, which has the same name as the successful racing car that is still used as a security and follow-up car in Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters, British Superbike Championship.

 Production and placing on the market

 5,000 handcrafted pieces, 70 workers, 95 lasers to scan 220 pieces with 0.01mm error rate in addition to 28 million euros spent to restructure the Quattro factory in Neckarsulm all of these for Audi R8 production The car is currently available in Bahrain, Europe, the United States, Canada and Australia  Japan and South Africa.

 Then in 2008 the car was made available to the following markets: Latin America, India, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and finally Malaysia.


 In the year 2005 it was produced 6

 In the year 2006 it produced 164

 In the year 2007 it produced 4125

 Year 2008 produced 5656

 Year 2009 produced 2,101

 In 2010 it produced 3,485

 The total is 15,537 cars in five years


Audi Coupe 4.2 V8


 This model is equipped with a 4163 liter capacity engine, 32 valves (4 valves per cylinder) capable of outputting 420 hp and 317 ft / l torque running on direct fuel injection.

 Audi Spyder

 In 2010, reports emerged that Audi launched the Spyder with the same sophisticated 4.2 v8 engine as its horsepower increased 14 hp to 434 hp.

 5.2 V10


Audi 5.2 V10 Coupe


 Audi R8 GT V10 Spyder


 GT Coupe

 This model was unveiled on December 9, 2008, using a 5,200-liter FSI engine, which is the same engine used for the Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 (Audi: S6C6) in English: Audi  C6 S6) Audi D3 S8.  This engine is able to output 525 hp, capable of accelerating the car from 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds.  This is in addition to some minor modifications, such as LED headlights, and some additions to the cabin, such as the powerful 456-watt sound system of Bang Alwosen type.


 There has been a lot of news about this model since 2006, but nothing was confirmed of it until August 2008 when spy photos were taken of the car while it was undergoing initial tests. In May 2010, this model appeared in the Iron Man 2 movie, and the car appeared in the film with a roof covering and also  The sideblade of the Audi sideblade has disappeared.  In 2009, the car also appeared at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

 Comparing the coupe model, we find a difference in the place of supplying the fuel, as well, adding the steel safety rails at the overturning and of course the new engine (5.2 FSI V10 engine).

 Audi R8 GT

 GT 'symbol means luxury high-performance car (Grand Tourer)

 This version was launched in May 2010 and it is priced at 142,585 pounds and is the fastest car produced by Audi in its history.

 The car's weight has been reduced by 100 kilograms, and the capacity of the FSI V10 5.2 engine has been developed to become more powerful to produce 560 horsepower. Because of these adjustments, the top speed of the car has become 320 km / h and proceeds from stability to 100 km / h in 3.6 seconds.

 This is in addition to a number of cosmetic modifications to give the car a look that fits its power, such as the red brakes, a new rear spoiler, front wings, and added the GT brand instead of the V10.

 The production of this car is limited in number, but this is to maintain the luster of the car and to enhance its taste value, of which only 333 cars were produced, of which 33 are reserved for customers from the United Kingdom and 90 for the United States of America.

 Audi future research (R8 e-tron)

 The i-Tron Compact appeared in 2009 during the Frankfurt International Fair. Come on, it is similar to the coupe, but slightly smaller. It is equipped with four separate electric motors 2 for the front wheel hub and 2 for the rear wheel hub.  .

 The car has almost the same shape as a coupe car and the Audi company claims that the car is able to move from steadiness to a speed of 100 km / h within 4.8 seconds, that is, it is two seconds slower than the R8 v8 4.2.  Audi expects that the top speed of this car will not exceed 200 km / h to maintain energy inside the battery. Audi said that this car will enter commercial production lines in 2012.

 Audi R8 NF

 At the Audi Research Center in Nicholas, reporters learned about a new version of the R8 that would be lighter in weight, codenamed NF.  The car is expected to add carbon and fiber, for example, to replace the hood with a cap made of carbon, the roof, and a counter from other parts.


 Since Volkswagen owns both Audi and Lamborghini, it is natural for Audi R8 to share some advantages with the old Italian company Lamborghini, for example, the engine, parts of the internal structure, door handles and gearbox even it shares in the quality of the shock absorber in addition to the convergence in price.

 Audi added several modern safety and performance systems that express the company's development such as the E (Electronic Stability Program) "ABS" (Anti-lock Braking System and electronic braking force distributor) and anti-slip (Anti-Slip Regulation) and torque output manager (  As for the air bags, they are available in front (to protect the driver) and on the sides.  The car is also equipped with lamps that illuminate a daylight type diode, incorporating an X lamp