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Honda Civic EX sedan


 General information Type

 Secondary car - compact car

     - the factory   - Honda

 main company.     Honda

 Production.     1973 - now
 Category.     Small compact 1973-2000
 Compact 2000 - now.                  .                    

 Civic is a car from Honda that initially appeared as a compact compact car and now it became a compact medium size until the nineties of the last century.  

 This car appeared for the first time in July of 1972 as a small 2-door car, and in September of the same year, a version of the 3-door hatchback appeared, equipped with an engine capacity of 1169 cc. The car operates with a front traction system.  The car provided a suitable interior and ample space for passengers despite the small size of the exterior car. The first-class Civic comes with AM radio, heater, and speeds, with chrome plated outs and chrome-plated nuts. But with the passage of years, as a result of Honda's permanent development of the Civic, it has become luxurious and added a number of options that are considered the most prominent in the industry at different times, such as air conditioner, electric tube shutter, glass lift units, luxurious leather-coated seats, and navigation-tracking system (in English: satellite-linked navigation)  , 6 speed transmission gears. Because of these options and in addition to the car's moderate fuel consumption, it has become environmentally friendly at times and its strong road performance has given this car a great name and high reputation.

 In 2006 Honda sold 16.5 million of this car, including 7.3 million sold in the United States.  It is also the best-selling car in Canada from 1997 to 2010. In 2008, with the global financial crisis and with the weakening of the American economy and high fuel prices, Civic became the best-selling car of this year, superior to many American national cars such as Ford F  -Series).

( The first generation (1973-1979 


 1978-79 Honda Civic

 Back at the end of 1972 the car was equipped with a 1169 CC engine.  Your sword was aimed at the United States, so the car was equipped with many advantages and options to suit the market, providing, for example, powerful disks and front brakes, and paramedical seats.  It was also available in two types, two doors, or 3 doors. Because of the 1973 Arab oil crisis, consumer demand for the car increased because of its high efficiency and fuel economy.

 The car uses a 53-horsepower engine with a capacity of 1488 CC liter CCVC.

 The CVCC engine did not require exhaust exits equipped with carbon abatement systems or emitted lead purifier as the engine and vehicle were deployed in California for the strict laws of automobile emissions checks.

 Civic was available in three categories

 EBI: 1169 CC engine, black cabin, Honeycomb front grille.

 EB2: 1240 CC engine, all the features in the first class, in addition to the interior multicolor, as requested by the customer.

 Eb3: Same as previous engine plus modified hood, front seat headrest, modified front and rear bumpers.

( The second generation (1980-1983

 Civic 3-door

 The second generation of the Civic was larger and designed with more "smooth" angles.  It came with the same engine, but it was more sophisticated. A new valve was added to each engine. It works with hurricane technology. It has a capacity of 1335 cc and it was generating 55 hp. There is also an optional 1499 cc engine capable of producing 67 horsepower.  As for the transmission, the car was supplied with two types of 4-speed for the basic category and 5-speed for the semi-automatic category. The semi-automatic transmission was a unique shift in the industry at the time.

( The third generation (1984--1987


 European-spec third generation Honda Civic Shuttle (wagon)

 This generation was a new start for Civic and appeared to the public in more than one model

 5 doors hatchback, family.

 4 doors.

 2 door in the form of a coupe.

 Honda supplied the third-generation Civic with a D series engine.

 And later in the year 1984, Honda launched a new model of Civic called SA (Eng Honda Civic Si) exclusively for the Japanese market with distinctive sporting specifications on the level of suspension systems.  Double overhead. The AA model was exported to the United States with new specifications and a new economic direct injection engine with a 12-valve individual overhead cam. Also supplied the car with a four-wheel drive system with a new gearbox.  In another update in 1987, Honda provided its car with a continuous all-wheel drive system with new technology that allows the driver to activate and deactivate the system while driving.

( Fourth generation (1988--1991


 1988 Civic LX sedan

 The most notable feature of this generation was the new design as the car became larger and more comfortable and the hood was tilted further down for a better view of the driver.

 European style under the name VTI.

 SIR Japanese style.

 Both models carry a new engine known as (B16A DOHC VTEC).

 English / European model with DOHC D16A9 engine.

 The New Zealand model, named in the domestic market as the Honda Civic GTi, is fitted with a luxurious leather-trimmed cabin and powertrain engine : SOHC D16A7

 US model and supplied with electronic injection engines.
)(Fifth Generation (1992--1995


 Fifth-generation Civic sedan

 Honda Civic is now more streamlined with its new design.  The family version was only available in the Japanese market.  Among the models of this generation was the VX hatchback, which was rated 48/55 by the Environmental Protection Agency, and thus considered the Civic as the best fuel consumption car sold on the market.  In North America, the SI model with a motor (SOHC VTEC) was introduced along with a motor model (English: VTEC-E). In the Japanese version, it is equipped with a DOHC non-VTEC engine.

 The powerful version, Civic GTi, is once again put forward with its sporty character and luxurious accessories.

( Sixth Generation (1996-2000)

 This generation was very similar to the previous one in the sense that it did not carry any fundamental changes or changes.

 Honda produced a number of categories namely EX, DX, LX, HX, KCX, SI.  All major models are equipped with 1.6-liter engines. The EX and CX are equipped with a SOHC (D16) engine.  The SI model has a DOHC (B16A2) engine.

 On the European level, Honda produced a number of models, originally based on the interior of the Honda Domani, and was produced between 1995 to 2001. As for the engines, there were a number of options whose capacities differed between 1.4 and 1.5 and 1.6 and the last  The most powerful engine was 1.8 liters, and the horsepower ranged from 90 to 169 horsepower, and diesel engines of 105 or 86 horsepower came to light.

 Honda Civic 2015 modified

 Honda Civic was launched for the first time in 1972 in the category of mid-size sedans, and since then the car has increased in size and began to be available with more high-end specifications, and in 2015 Honda Civic came with simple updates compared to the previous model, while maintaining the same 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine with  Five-speed automatic transmission. Among the notable changes to the Honda Civic 2015, there is a new front end and a longer hood with a lower front bumper decorated with chrome lines and a black front grille with a "beehive" pattern surrounded by fog lights in addition to a new suspension system, and from the rear new lights show with a new similar design  With Jewelry, a redesigned rear bumper and new chrome trunk lid, in addition to elegant redesigned rims. The interior of the Honda Civic 2015 also came in a more elegant design, with an electric power steering (soft power steering), soft-touch materials for cabin and tablecloths, front door lining, and a range of advanced technologies such as Bluetooth, navigation, i-MD color screen, and the outside temperature gauge.

 Honda Civic LXi 2015 

 Key features of all 2015 Honda Civic cars include a CD recorder and MP3 player with headphones connectivity, keyless entry, manual air conditioning, foldable rear seats, electric glass and electric side mirrors.  The Honda Civic LXi 2015 (Standard) has 15-spoke steel wheels with a two-speaker audio system.

 Honda Civic EXI 2015 

 Includes a six-speaker audio system, USB ports and steering wheel controls (Versatile steering wheel), with Cruise Control, Bluetooth to connect smartphones, 60/40 rear seats, LCD screen with back camera and rims  Metal 16 inch, Honda Civic EXI 2015 is available with fog lights and sunroof as additional specifications

Honda Civic VTi 2015  

 Honda Civic VTi 2015 (Full Full) has all the previous specifications, in addition to 17-inch metal rims, an automatic air conditioning system, front HID lights, chrome door handles, leather trim in the interior, and additional side airbag cushions (Airbag). As for safety systems, all enjoy  Honda Civic 2015 versions with dual front airbags (Airbag), ABS, ABS, smart head , and Vehicle Stability Control