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Thursday, January 23, 2020

Toyota calls 3.4 million cars

Toyota intends to add an electric noise filter

 between the airbag controller and its connecting wires

 Source: Tokyo - (dpa)

 Date: January 22, 2020

 Toyota calls up to 3.4 million cars .. Find out why

 Toyota Motor Corp., the largest automobile manufacturer in Japan, today announced that it has recalled approximately 3.4 million cars worldwide due to suspected air bag defects.

 Toyota said the recall plan includes 2.9 million cars in the U.S. from the Corolla, Corolla Matrix, Avalon and Avalon H.V models in North and Central and South America, adding that no cars will be called this time in Japan or Europe.

A spokeswoman for the Japanese company said that the electronic control unit in the cars that are included in the recall process, may not provide the appropriate protection in the face of the presence of "electrical noise", any form of disturbance of the movement of electric current, which affects the systems of the work of the airbags, which can lead  As the pillow does not completely swell or swell at all. It can also impede the functioning of seat belt tensioners as appropriate.

 It is noteworthy that seat belt tensioners increase or decrease the degree of tension of seat belts to protect passengers from pushing forward strongly in the event of a collision.
 Toyota plans to add an electric noise filter between the airbag controller and its connecting wires.

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