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Toyota Corolla 2019. Corolla 2020

The Corolla is the first car for Toyota, as it acquires the lion's share of the company's production of cars in its various classes, as it is one of the oldest and most successful categories launched by Toyota in decades.

 Toyota Corolla 2019 specifications

 The Toyota Corolla came in medium dimensions, with a length of 4,620 mm, a width of 1775 mm, and a total height of 1485 mm, a wheelbase length of 2700 mm, while its gross weight without payload is 1775 kg.

 The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car in the world among all cars of all types, classes and nationalities, as Corolla has been launched in four versions, namely:

 a / t basic new shape 1.6

 a / t f / o new shape 1.6

 a / t h / l new shape 1.6

 a / t t / l new shape 1.6

 Corolla has a large storage space in its rear bag, which has a capacity of 470 liters, which is a large area compared to the storage space of sedans of various types.

 Contains a 7-inch TFT screen, which is for displaying all data and reports related to the car, in addition to controlling all the advantages and technologies of it, with the possibility of dealing with it by thermal touch or through gestures.

 The car has headlamps drawn with a small width and among them comes the company logo painted with glossy chrome in addition to painting the door handles and some sides with the same material, which gives it great elegance.

 It has a six-speed automatic transmission or a transmission, through which it can achieve the maximum speed of the car, which is 189 kilometers per hour, through its front traction machines.

 The car engine has a capacity of 1600cc and contains four cylinders and 16 gears, its power is estimated at about 120 hp, while its maximum torque is 154 Newton per meter, while the engine rotates at a speed of 5200 revolutions per minute.

 Toyota Corolla features 2019

 The most important feature for Toyota Corolla, which was the first and primary criterion for many users to buy it, is the low price of its spare parts and its abundance in all markets, which makes its maintenance easy for its owners and is not expensive.

 The vehicle has front windshield wipers equipped with an automatic rain sensor feature, which automatically activates the front wipers as soon as it rains.

 It contains a large fuel tank with a capacity of 50 liters, which is a large capacity and suitable for the size of the car and the rate of its fuel consumption, as Corolla only needs 6.8 liters to cover a distance of one hundred kilometers, where the rate of burning of fuel is another of the most important features that  It is in keeping with the large size of the tank, giving it two advantages at the same time.

 Its average height between the closest point in the car to the surface of the earth is 145 mm, which is a good rate that allows the car to be transported and used in many flat and uneven roads, but it remains difficult to use in the rough areas that need a certain height for the car, which is mostly four-wheel drive.

 It contains airbags for the driver and front passenger, in addition to other pads installed on its sides, which provide safety for all passengers inside the car, whether front or rear.

 It has EBD technology for electronic and automatic distribution of the brakes on all sides of the car and the ESP feature, which is known as the automatic balance, in order to maintain the stability of the car in the event of its deviation or conducting some maneuvers using it, which may cause its imbalance.

 It has LED lights for the car headlights but it does not have the same advantage for its taillights, with the ability to control the lights.

 The car has an integrated audio system with the ability to play CDs inside it and the ability to control the rate of increase and decrease the internal sound through the car's electronic steering wheel, which contains buttons installed on it dedicated to operating, stopping, raising and lowering the sound of the car's internal headphones.

 Corolla has front and back head restraints installed on all seats from the back, and also contains electric front glass that can be controlled easily with the ability to control the entire glass through one touch.

 Disadvantages of Toyota Corolla 2019

 Its front seats are not electric, i.e. they are controlled manually and not automatically, whether in terms of moving and changing their directions or changing their height, in contrast to many other classes equipped with the feature of the electric seats that are controlled automatically.

 The top speed of the car is relatively low, with a top speed of 189 kilometers per hour, and although it has a large engine and good capacity, the company preferred that the maximum speed of the car be reduced due to it being a family sedan with distinction.

 It lacks the ESP feature, or what is known as the electronic balance, which maintains the stability of the car during maneuvers at high speeds or imbalances on the road.

 Not equipped with a sound alert against the risk of theft in the event that an attempt is made to open the car doors or a foreign body collides with it, and it is also not equipped with sports-type rims despite providing many of the categories that Toyota issued by this feature.

 The side mirrors are also not of the electric type, that is, they are folded manually and not automatically, and they are also opened manually, even though they contain electrical connections dedicated to the optical signals installed on them, which makes the matter of converting them into mirrors  Electric is easy, not difficult.

 The headlamps and the rear lights are not sensitive to lighting, are not equipped with xenon lights in all of their lamps, whether front or backlight, and also do not contain LED lights in the backlights while they only contain it in the front lanterns.

 It is not equipped with the smart self-parking feature of the car using the internal computer and the sensors installed on the car body from the outside, it also does not contain a rear spoiler or AUX and USB and Bluetooth ports and for connecting the car with mobile phones inside.

 Toyota Corolla prices 2019

 in Egypt
 325,000 EGP.

 in KSA
 89.250 Saudi riyal.

 In the United Arab Emirates
 AED 73.395.