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The American Lincoln Company is developing an entirely new electric car for the first time

Lincoln announced yesterday evening its intention to work with Revian to develop an all-new electric car, which was previously announced as part of Ford's original investment in Revian.

The first fully electric car from Lincoln will join its range of hybrids that include both Aviator and Corsair Grand Touring, which strengthens Lincoln's commitment and orientation towards the development of electric cars. This completely harmless emissions vehicle will contain intuitive network communication technologies and is designed to provide an easy experience for Lincoln customers.

“Our work with Rivian is a focal point in our efforts to move towards a future and focus on the production and development of all electric cars,” said Joey Valotico, President of Lincoln. The car will contribute to the transfer of "quiet flights" technologies to a new level to completely eliminate emissions, ensure easy performance, provide network communication technologies, and intuitive and easy use, which means offering a very amazing product to customers.

 Lincoln has launched four new sports cars, the most important of which are the Cruiser, Aviator and Navigator during the past three years.  The all-new lineup helped boost sales of the Lincoln SUV to achieve 7% annual growth, and the luxury car manufacturer managed to achieve the best sports car sales in the United States in 16 years.

 As Lincoln introduces a new luxury electric car to its lineup, it is expected to stop the MKZ sedan production line this year, and begin preparations at the Hermosillo assembly plant in Mexico to produce the new Ford electric cars.

 The Lincoln battery-powered electric car will be built on the Rivian platform, which forms part of the equity investments Ford plans to enter into Rivian.  This all-new car will be a part of Ford's earlier announced investment, which is over $ 11.5 billion to inject into electric vehicle development, including the Mustang Match E, as well as a fully electric version of the F-150 pickup.  Best selling.

 “Our development car partnership with Ford is a great opportunity to combine our technology with the vision of innovation and development at Lincoln, and we are proud to collaborate with it to produce the first fully electric vehicle,” said Rivian CEO RG Scaring.


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  1. Thanks for letting me know of Lincoln Electric car. I am using a welding machine from the same brand.


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