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Morgan Plus Six, a British car

 Deliciously globular headlights, a deliberately lowered ground clearance, the nicely truncated rear part ... Guaranteed pre-war atmosphere aboard the Morgan Plus Six.  But under the hood, make way for state-of-the-art mechanics!

No other manufacturer than Morgan magnifies the British automobile tradition in the most eccentric sense of the word with such zeal.  For just one hundred and ten years, the house in Malvern, south-west of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, has produced cars designed as sensitive machines and not mean objects of transport.  A Morgan imposed discipline - respect for a style and a mode of production frozen in the 1930s - but, in return, required those who took the wheel to give up modern comfort.  Nothing better to find a direct and uncompromising relationship to driving a car.  The amateurs are few but fervent.

 Life in the great outdoors aboard a Morgan has the effe effect ct of reinforcing the feeling of happiness that seizes the driver called upon to drive this car.

 The firm, which manually manufactures some 700 vehicles per year, has just launched the most powerful Morgan ever produced.  The Plus Six is ​​a two-seater convertible, in other words a roadster, which adopts generous proportions without betraying the aesthetic canons that define the silhouette so particular of the brand's models.  As usual, Morgan pretended to make an old car. 

The headlights are delightfully globular, the ground clearance deliberately lowered, the rear part pleasantly truncated and the hood surmounted by a thin wonderfully flat windshield.  It's touching, especially in English green livery.  Is it necessary to specify that the structure which frames the cockpit is cut from ash wood?  This scrupulous and almost caricatural respect for tradition is largely facade.

  The rest of the chassis was made of aluminum to gain weight and rigidity while the magnificent hood with side opening conceals the six-cylinder in-line of the very latest BMW Z4 convertible.

 Paradoxically, this contrast appears to be entirely consistent.  By breaking loose to weigh only 1,075 kg and equipping itself with 340 hp strong mechanics, the Plus Six inherits a much more favorable weight-to-power ratio than that of high-performance but heavy contemporary sports cars.  The accelerations are dazzling (4.2 seconds to reach 100 km / h) and the rear axle takes them with a very British phlegm but you have to learn to balance the braking, because of the very long stroke of the pedal.  In our humble opinion, it would not be a fall for the Plus Six to lighten its stable somewhat, ready to rush at the slightest pressure on the accelerator, whipped by a double turbocharger.

  This would make it less intimidating and lighten the bill, which is around 118,000 euros, excluding options.  It's twice as expensive as the Classic model with a Ford engine or the Three Wheeler, the very baroque old-fashioned tricycle whose esthetic will take control with a leather helmet and aviator glasses.

 Leather and wood veneers

 "Morgan, which sells around eighty models in France every year, is a snub to modern sports cars, too assisted, which have lost some of their sensations", states Steven Beaumont, distributor of the brand based in Paris  , which promises its pleasant clientele a guaranteed change of scenery.  To settle down, your buttocks flush with the asphalt, aboard the Plus Six, is to see deploying in front of you the long hood lined with ventilation stripes.  Guaranteed pre-war atmosphere. 

The few drops that fall require the windshield wipers to be activated;  three little brooms that haven't changed much since the 1950s and whose frenzied movement mainly results in spreading the rain on the glass.  The cockpit, of the Spartan genre, accommodates a minimum of instrumentation.  For Bluetooth or stereo, there will be an additional charge.  No screen, GPS or airbag but the leathers and wood veneers are of very good quality.

 A series of very pretty dials and buttons are lined up without ostentation, but, whatever the purists, no gear lever is in sight.  It will be necessary to do with a very efficient automatic transmission with eight reports delivered by ZF.

  The mirrors can be adjusted by grasping them in the palm of your hand, the doors are light and their windows slide like those of the Mini cars of yesteryear.  There are so many drafts going through this car that you don’t lose much by converting it, even in early December.

 The operation is not very complicated but requires getting out of the vehicle.  Despite the weather, very English, riding in the fresh air is not unpleasant.  The heating pulses with lukewarm air and the life in the open air aboard a Morgan has the effect of reinforcing the feeling of happiness which seizes the driver called to lead this suspended car with rigor (one would speak of “stiffness” for n  any other model…) and which reacts to the slightest movement of the steering wheel.

If it is a question of going on weekends or for a long journey, no need to look for a safe.  There are not any.  The aficionado will draw from the catalog of options a leather trunk or a vintage aluminum suitcase intended to be installed on the stern of the Super Six, in luggage carrier mode.  Only one regret, all the same: the sound of the BMW engine makes a strong impression but it lacks nobility and should have been the subject of a more sophisticated acoustic "tuning".

 At the start of the year, the Morgan family sold the majority of their shares to the Italian fund Investindustrial, which has already invested in Aston Martin, tipping a new nugget into the continental fold.  The beneficiary brand has indicated that it intends to have the means to launch new models and expand its distribution network.  We keep our fingers crossed that it continues to honor the great tradition of automobile Britishness.