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Opel Corsa, Franco-Germanic cocktail

 Acquired in 2017 by Peugeot, Opel embourgeoise its legendary Corsa, sixth of the name, which borrows a lot from the 208. A successful bet.

In almost four decades, the Corsa has established itself in the European automotive landscape and made a place for itself in the sun.  Since 1982 and the appearance of the first generation with rustic comfort and a thankless silhouette, it has sold more than 13.6 million worldwide.  Over time, the Corsa has become more refined.  As a result of Opel’s difficulties, abandoned by its historic shareholder General Motors, it had also started an aging process which was becoming more and more evident.

 Soon accessible in electric version, this new model gives interest to the range of the German manufacturer.

 The long-awaited makeover came from PSA, which in 2017 bought the venerable lightning brand founded by Adam Opel in 1862 and offered it new engines, its chassis skills ... but also imposed to proceed with  downsizing and a savings plan.  While the sixth version is about to appear on the roads, one thing is clear: the Corsa of the 2020s is no longer a simple city car but an elegant small sedan.  It is equipped with all modern technologies (from the digital meter to multiple driving aids) and takes care of its passengers.  A small, comfortable Opel?  It's no longer science fiction.

Very successful in terms of handling and driving sensations, the new Corsa inherited a solid base: the platform of the recent Peugeot 208. On this model stamped Franco-German (and made in Spain,  in Zaragoza), the in-house engineers were still asked to fine-tune the somewhat firmer ground connections.  Both to respect the German tradition, which favors suspensions a bit stiff, but also not to overshadow the French cousin.

 Sober, elegant, versatile

 Regarding the exterior design and interior, the bosses of PSA had the intelligence to let their new German comrades do it.  No question of cloning the 208, its aggressive silhouette and its techno-futuristic interior a bit confusing.  The line of this new Corsa is sober, elegant, almost all-purpose, which will undoubtedly more easily seduce the Germanic clientele and more widely that of Eastern Europe.  Inside, the qualitative leap compared to the older generation is no less impressive.  Clean, horizontal lines, very readable dashboard, large steering wheel (unlike the very small one in the 208), quality plastics.  The gentrification of this new Corsa turns out to be a real success.

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 Optionally featuring a brand new high performance adaptive lighting system with flexible and sparkling motors, the sixth Corsa of the name is fun to drive, even with a mechanical gearbox.  At the wheel, we find the famous road feel typical of ... Peugeot, with an ounce of firmness in addition.  Soon accessible in electric version, this new model gives interest to the range of the German manufacturer.  Even by increasing the options, the prices remain lower than those of his alter ego.  For a well-equipped version, benefiting from the 1.2 turbo petrol engine with 130 horsepower and the eight-speed automatic transmission, it will cost a little more than 22,000 euros.  The Corsa saga is relaunched.