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New Range Rover Velar SV Autobiography - Performance, luxury and exclusive style details

Land Rover added a boost of performance, luxury and exclusivity to the world's most beautiful mid-size SUV, while introducing the Limited Edition Range Rover Velar SV SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition.

This new car, designed to be the best among Velar cars, was developed by Land Rover's Special Operations division, and operates with a powerful 550-horsepower, 5.0-liter and 8-cylinder engine and uses Supercharged charging technology, with a range of design improvements, to add more exclusivity to This special model, it will be available for purchase for one year only.

The Velar won the Best Car Design Award at the 2018 World Auto Awards, the second Range Rover to carry this distinctive addition to its name, after introducing the Range Rover SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition in 2017.

Thanks to the eight-cylinder engine, the most powerful Velar goes from 0 to 100 km per hour in 4.5 seconds (0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds) and is able to reach 274 km per hour, providing customers at the same time the usual elegance and comfort  In a Range Rover.

 Improved brakes and braking components, as well as specially-designed settings for various functions from traction to safety systems, ensure that the SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition combines a powerful performance character with the ability to go anywhere in a luxury mid-size SUV.

 “The task of developing the Land Rover Velar SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition is exactly what the Special Operations division was created to do, as the challenge was to increase the vehicle’s performance without affecting the features,” said Michael van der Sandy, general manager of the Land Rover Special Operations division.  Essentials like sobriety, capacity and elegance in the Range Rover Velar.  We did this and built a versatile car that strikes a balance between the practicality of every location, the dynamic performance, and the comfort that helps relax - making it truly the versatile car for all occasions. ”

 The new powerful car is distinguished by a set of cosmetic improvements and unique finishing, giving it a more prestigious look with great attention to detail, maintaining proportions and beautiful appearance in the Vilar.

 From the outside, this award-winning SUV has a new front bumper with more air passage for the powerful eight-cylinder engine and cooling of the new brake system, and the new front grille mold and lower side are also compatible with a modified rear bumper that has integrated quad exhaust nozzles.

 These exterior changes are coupled with the transmission's lower dock, ensuring more effective air resistance in the fastest Velar.


 Even the letters of the Land Rover emblem on the front cover and rear of the car have been improved, with knurled finish on the metal part of the two-piece lettering, which adds more integration to the exterior appearance, and the SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition is the only Velar available in color.  Satin Peron “Blue - metallic paint from the distinctive color group in the Special Operations department - and all cars have a Narvik black roof as the primary feature.

 Jerry McGovern, Land Rover Design Director, said on this occasion: “Our continued development is driven by our insistence to provide the desirable cars our customers love throughout their lives.  The new Range Rover Velar SV SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition takes advantage of the nature of the world’s award-winning car design in 2018 as a desirable and popular car, by offering an attractive range of improvements to its performance and well-being.

 The distinctive aluminum tires are another indication of performance improvements, the 21-inch lightweight design has 20-inch tire weight in the base model, and customers can also get 22-inch tires with polished silver-like finishes such as diamonds, giving room for more  Personalize the car.

 Large tires support a performance focus in the "SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition", and help to use larger, more coherent and convenient brakes.  Front brake discs measuring 395 mm and rear 396 mm consist of two parts to improve weight, and this innovative design also helps to reduce heat more effectively, to correspond to the greater braking force arising during high-performance driving.

 The extra stopping power is distinguished by red brake discs (four pistons on top, slide back) and contain Land Rover lettering.  A bright black brake disc is available for a more exclusive look.

 The majestic exterior is in keeping with the increased sense of luxury inside the car, through the delicate harmony between the finishes and the polished finish, and the double, openwork and embroidered "Windsor" leather doubles the distinctiveness of the "SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition" through the double sense of luxury it adds.

 Customers can choose between four color combinations (Epone, Cyrus, VintageTan and Pimento). The car also has two front seats equipped with heating and cooling, adjustable in 20 different positions, in addition to memory and massage as basic features.

 Special touches on the interior extend to the sporty steering wheel, which features a special bezel on the edges and aluminum speed switches.  At the bottom, the Touch Pro Duo integrated circular transmission and control discs have elaborate perforated finishes.

 The optional carbon fiber package inside adds an extra modern feel to the cabin, with a distinctive iron corrugation, while the sportive pedals and metal floorboards decorated with the name Range Rover look great.

 The distinctive elements extend from the Special Operations division to the 12.3-inch driver interactive display with its "digitally perforated" disks adding character and sophisticated finishes to the digital medium-sized SUV, and to the specially designed start screen for the SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition.  Digital detail extends through the electrical appliances that enhance the driving details of this unique Velar model.



 All AWD all-wheel drive calibration, active rear lock gear, eight-speed transmission, steering wheel and air suspension have been upgraded and specifically designed for the SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition to provide a more focused driving experience.  Land Rover Special Operations engineers spent 63,900 hours precisely determining appropriate calibration to improve ride, control and response details.

 Stuart Adlard, Director of Vehicle Engineering at Land Rover's Special Operations division, said: “The Velar SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition maintains compatibility with all the terrain and comfort customers expect to find in a Range Rover, with a more pleasant and interactive driving experience, and the result is  A luxurious and majestic SUV, with unique appearance, sound and feel. ”

 The Special Operations division's work was focused on delivering greater engine capacity, while maintaining suitability for all known terrain in Land Rover vehicles while introducing new levels of dynamic control and performance, and away from superior electronic control, improved stabilizer bars reduce vehicle slippage during extreme turns,  The modified range of variable valves works with the air springs in the air suspension to provide a continuous balance between stability and comfort.

 The AWD system is also equipped with a transport box to withstand the heavy weights caused by the eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 5.0 liters, and the "intelligent driving dynamics" system distributes the engine load accurately and inconspicuously to suit different conditions.  This set can direct up to 100 percent of the rear of the vehicle depending on the conditions.

 Speed ​​sensitive electric steering control system is available as a basic feature, reducing the necessary effort in the speeds of the parking corner and providing accurate and direct control of the high speeds, and the dynamic position of the Velar vehicle has also been improved by upgrading the wheel, braking and gear shift control settings to suit the most enthusiastic driving on  The roads.

 The distinctive character of the "SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition" is also evident in the modified exhaust design that delivers sound to match its performance.  The active, adjustable exhaust system also provides the technology needed to control the exhaust sound, depending on driving conditions, and provides the Vilar Grow Growth engine with an eight-cylinder engine.

 This special modification is 7.1 kg lighter than the basic design, and its additional fuel flow capacity allows the unique performance of this unique model to be maximized.

 It may seem that the Velar SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition is unlike any SUV, but this driver-centered car is still as practical as ever.  The wide area of ​​the luggage was not affected, as the three rear seats split between 40-20-40 allow customers to diversify in terms of cargo space according to their requirements, and the 82-liter fuel tank allows a wide range of forwarding in driving 483 km (300 miles).

 The new Velar SV SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition is available in six exterior colors: Firenze Red, Santorini Black, Kores Gray, Fuji White, Indus Silver, and for special orders, Satin Peron Blue.

 The car manufacturer has suggested that the price of the “SV Autobiography Dynamic Edition” in the UAE start from 447,720 dirhams, and it will be available for sale starting in the second half of 2019, while exclusive agents will receive pre-orders from now.