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The car's : we tested semi-autonomous driving

Available on more and more models, this type of driving is a new selling point for manufacturers. Logbook aboard a Qashqai.

Already offered by Tesla, Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Volvo, Nissan or DS (non-exhaustive list), semi-autonomous driving is available on board a growing number of models. This feature, which lets the vehicle maintain its line and adjust its speed without human intervention, is emerging as a new selling point. To learn more about the sensations of non-driving that such a car provides, we took over the new Nissan Qashqai Drive Edition on more than 500 km of highways and four-lanes, divided into several routes. A way to test the relationships of trust that can be established with a robotic driver.

We let go of the pedals but not the steering wheel.

 The rule is strict, you must keep direct contact with your hands.
Departing from it will be worth a call to order.

Equipped with the ProPILOT system that Nissan has sold more than 120,000 units, especially in Japan, and already installed on the electric Leaf, the Qashqai Drive Edition remains quite expensive (35,500 euros), but it has a series of equipment sophisticated systems including autonomous parking and a rear anti-collision device with detection of moving vehicles. In practice, ProPILOT operates the “intelligent” cruise control in concert (thanks to sensors, it adapts the speed to that of the vehicle in front) and a set of cameras capable of spotting the markings on the ground in order to guide the movements of The direction. In short, the Nissan follows the road, accelerates and brakes alone.