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The Tesla, 21st century arcade halls

 What to do while the battery is charging?  Organize karaoke in the cabin or play Beach Bunny Racing 2 with the steering wheel ...


 No doubt, the question of the time spent on a charging station when one has to make a long journey constitutes a deterrent to the purchase of an electric car.  A parenthesis of at least several tens of minutes, immobilized in his vehicle by watching from the corner of the eye the evolution of the load, while a full of gasoline requires minimal immobilization.  Aware of the problem, Tesla set out to make this restrained break attractive by transforming its cars - when they are stationary - into a playroom, or even to let off steam.

 Intervened at the end of September, the latest update (version OS10) of the Tesla software that the brand's customers obtain by simple download multiplies the entertainment.  It is about combining the useful with the pleasant by taking advantage of the possibilities offered by the computing power of the car and the presence of a large touch screen (15 to 17 inches depending on the model) at the center of  its dashboard.  Committed in the fall of 2018 with the integration of a series of vintage Atari games, this deployment continued with the recent arrival of several new products.

 James Bond and plutonium equivalent

 While the batteries were recharging, it had already been possible for a few weeks now to play Beach Bunny Racing 2 using the car's steering wheel and pedals to take part in the unbridled race which takes place on the screen.  Now, you can also indulge in a game of Cuphead provided you connect one or more console joysticks.  A game of chess is possible.  Tesla also takes care of the multimedia content of its range.  Since the end of 2015, the brand's vehicles had free access to music content from Spotify;  now direct access to Netflix and YouTube is also open to them.  Another new feature: a so-called Car-aoké function which, as its name suggests, allows you to organize karaoke inside the car.

 In parallel, and as if to bring Tesla a little closer to the world of video games, the firm has stuffed its software with what the "geeks" call "Easter eggs", in other words, functionalities.  quite fanciful, carefully hidden inside the programs.  Most often made by the customers themselves, these little surprises make it possible, for example, to transform the representation of the vehicle appearing on the central screen into a James Bond car.  Or to translate the level of charge of the batteries back to the future by making it appear in plutonium equivalent.  Please note, this "Easter egg" can only be activated during recharging when the autonomy level of the car indicates 121 km, referring to the threshold of 121 gigawatts, the minimum power required by the time machine  to work.

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 With these efforts to make Tesla "even more fun, beyond the pleasure of driving", the Californian firm takes a step ahead of a new specialty - completely new for manufacturers - aimed at ensuring on-board entertainment  of a stopped car.  To make their electric models more attractive, other brands will have to, willingly or unwillingly, open this site.  Equally essential services to support the growth of autonomous car's tomorrow.