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A prototype of a car believed to be the Volkswagen Golf R of the eighth generation Mk8 VW Golf R was filmed in the run-up to the pre-disclosure tests later this year.

 This image was published on Instagram, where the car appears on the road near Barcelona in Spain, and the back side of it appears and is completely camouflaged.

 Hence, this beautiful hatchback appears with a rear bumper very similar to the GTI Golf which also appeared recently.  The main difference between this prototype is that it features quad exhausts, just like the Mk7 Golf R.

 No photos were shown showing the front of the car, but the front fascia will definitely be replaced with extended air intakes and a new bumper.

 The car will come with an engine of at least 329 hp.  This figure represents an increase of 41 horsepower compared to the old model, a figure that is not insignificant, especially with the lower weight of the new generation, which means more power and acceleration than expected, as this engine and vehicle should lead to good acceleration thanks to the dual-clutch transmission and all-wheel drive system.

 A number of other VW Golf models have been confirmed for 2020, including GTI, GTI TCR and GTD.

 The first is expected to be the Golf GTI coming to the Geneva Motor Show in March.

 Note: The clear pictures are from the new Standard Golf V8 with its 8th Legel.