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Ford F-150 2021: The American bestseller is renewed

 A bestseller in the United States forFord F-150 2021bestseller decades, the "F-Series" pickup is crucial for Ford.  The American brand is therefore betting big by renewing it, but it preferred to minimize the risks

 In the United States, the F-150 pickup is somewhat the equivalent of the Volkswagen Golf in Europe: a model that has dominated sales charts for decades.  A real boon for the brand at the Oval, which has had to endure many failures in recent years, especially on our side of the Atlantic.  So, when this bestseller gets a makeover, it is bound to be an event, even if the rare copies that we will come across here will require a complex import on an isolated basis.

 An evolution of the current model

 After innovating with an expensive aluminum construction on the current model, launched in 2014, Ford has this time taken the same basis for this 14th generation.  The bodywork thus strongly evokes the old version, even if the diode daytime running lights which encircle the headlights, the more domed hood, the new mirrors and taillights or the new chrome side decoration will allow this pick-up to be recognized.  The grille offers no less than 11 different designs and can be closed when cooling needs are low to improve aerodynamics  
As for the format, it is still as disproportionate seen from our side of the Atlantic, but only the "small" F-150 has been presented for the moment: as usual, the F-250 and F-350 even more imposing  will follow.

 Large screens and hybrid version

 The dashboard reserves more glaring changes, with digital instrumentation now standard, as well as a large central screen, both climbing up to 12 inches on the high finishes.  But there is also something new under the hood, where this giant wants to be more "green" than before.  

While waiting for an electric version already
 confirmed to challenge the Tesla Cybertruck or the future Hummer, it benefits directly from a hybrid engine, combining the V6 3.5 turbo of the current model with a 47 hp electric unit and a small 2 kWh battery.  Not enough to give him the appetite for a Golf, but Ford says that the tank, certainly enormous with its 115 l, would allow it to travel more than 1,100 km without refueling!