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New cars2021 more than 130 models gx

the calendar of automotive novelties for the year 2021. More than 130 models revealed exclusively.

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  Abarth 500e (end of 2021)

  After the launch of the new 100% electric Fiat 500, an Abarth variant could join the range with around 170 hp on the program.

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  Alfa Romeo Stelvio and Giulia restyled (fall 2021)

  The two models based on the Giorgio platform will be relifted at the same time.  To save their careers, in addition to aesthetic changes, they will have to resort to hybridization.

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  Alfa Romeo Tonale (End of 2021)

  With 4.40 m long, the Tonale will land on the carrier niche of compact SUVs, with two PHEV units cumulating around 190 and 240 hp.

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  Alpine A110 R (current 2021)

  For lack of real novelty, but to honor its commitment in Formula 1, Alpine should give a handful of additional horses to the A110.  An R variant which will finally exceed 300 hp.

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  Audi SQ2 restyled (early 2021)

  The 300 hp SUV goes through the facelift box.  The cavalry remains unchanged, but comes with new shields, just like the optics.

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  Audi Q4 e-Tron (summer 2021)

  The e-tron range, 100% electric, will soon go down in range with this Q4 approximately 4.50 m long.  Technically, it will approach the Volkswagen ID. 4.

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  Audi Q4 e-Tron Sportback (late 2021)

  A few months after the "station wagon" variant, the Q4 will be available with a coupe silhouette.  More powerful engines are expected on this occasion.

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  Audi RS3 (spring 2021)

  The new generation of compact will soon deploy its most elegant variant.  In addition to a look in tune, it will keep its 5-cylinder this time exceeding 400 hp.  

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  Audi SQ5 restyled (early 2021)

  Still diesel, the facelift unfortunately accuses the loss of 6 hp (341 hp), but proceeds to certain technical adjustments, such as the abandonment of the aluminum pistons in favor of wrought iron to reduce heat loss.  All wrapped up in a slightly corrected design.

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  Audi SQ5 Sportback (Spring 2021)

  The facelift which the Q5 family has undergone is the opportunity for the latter to integrate a coupe body, called Sportback.  It is also available as an SQ5 variant.  

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  Audi RS e-tron GT (summer 2021)

  A few months after the e-tron GT, its RS version will follow suit.  100% electric, it should benefit from a power between 600 and 700 hp and will also be distinguished by a duo of cooling circuit.

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  Audi A8 restyled (fall 2021)

  After 4 years of good and loyal service, it will be for the flagship of the 4 Rings to update its design and its on-board techno.

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  Aston Martin Valkyrie (current 2021)

  After an accumulation of glitches, the development of the hypercar of 1186 hp is coming to an end.  For $ 2.75 million, it will be possible to afford one of 150 copies.

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  Bentley Continental GT Hybrid

  The fabulous coupe will adopt the PHEV block of the Bentayga, with a V6 of 340 hp to which will be added an electric unit of 128 hp for a total of 449 hp.

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  Bentley Flying Spur V8 (early 2021)

  Lighter than the W12 version, the sedan promises greater agility and almost similar acceleration with only 550 hp against 635 hp.

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  BMW M3 Touring (late 2021)

  Never produced yet, an M3 station wagon will finally see the light of day with 510 hp and all-wheel drive on the program, to compete calmly against the Audi RS4 Avant.  

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  BMW iX3 (early 2021)

  BMW's very first 100% electric SUV hits dealerships at the start of 2021. >> Its FULL TEST

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  BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé (Spring 2021)

  The ultimate body of the 4 Series family will finally hit the track in 2021. This low sedan, sharper than the 3 Series, will wait a few months before offering the M4 label.

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  BMW i4 (late 2021)

  The 3 Series / 4 Series family will welcome a very first 100% electric model with a silhouette similar to the 4 Series Gran Coupé.

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  BMW M5 CS (summer 2021)

  Carbon body elements and an increase in engine power of 25 hp, compared to the M5 Competition, will power the sedan with 650 hp.

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  BMW X8 (late 2021)

  Even more imposing than the X7, this juggernaut will be around 700 hp in the classic configuration, and up to 760 hp in the plug-in hybrid M definition.  

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  BMW iX (late 2021)

  Just presented, the first 100% electric SUV, not from a thermal model will be delayed until the end of the year.  If it promises beautiful characteristics, its design is not unanimous.  

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  Citroën C3 Aircross restyled (spring 2021)

  The chevron city SUV will slightly revise its style and improve its interior equipment, failing to take advantage of a real hybridization.  

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  Citroën ë-Berlingo (spring 2021)

  The MPV will complete the zero-emission offering of Citroën's utility derivatives, via the 136 hp engine of the Peugeot e-208, promising a range of around 300 km.

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  Citroën C5 (fall 2021)

  Like the C4, the new flag bearer could take on the attributes of an adventurer, by slightly raising his plate.  It will display a flag drop halfway between a 4-door coupe and a station wagon and will stretch approximately 4.80 m long.  Plug-in hybridization will be on the program to accumulate 225 hp.

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  Cupra el Born (fall 2021)

  This Volkswagen ID.3 clone will boost the power level of the German to offer a minimum of 300 hp.  It will also review its running gear in depth.  A strategic choice that will deprive Seat of a 100% electric vehicle of this type.  

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  Dacia Spring Electric (spring 2021)

  Barely longer than a Twingo, this micro-SUV will be the cheapest 100% electric offer on the European market.  It promises up to 295 km of autonomy.  

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  Dacia Duster restyled (summer 2021)

  Few changes are to be expected under its hood, and even less hybridization, for lack of a compatible platform.  Most of the changes will be aesthetic, while the dashboard will go upmarket.  

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  Dacia 7-seater raised estate (fall 2021)

  The one that does not yet say its name will replace both the Logan MPV station wagon but also the Lodgy / Dokker duo.  It will offer 7 seats and a classic hybrid engine of 140 hp.  

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  DS4 (summer 2021)

  The premium compact, second to the name, will showcase innovative technologies and PHEV blocks to distract customers from the perennial Germans.  

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  DS7 Crossback restyled (2021)

  At mid-career, the large SUV will simplify its bow and review its interior endowment.  It could, in the longer term, receive the 360 ​​hp engine of the plug-in hybrid DS9.  

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  Ferrari SF90 Spider (spring 2021)

  The Prancing Horse's first plug-in hybrid sports car uncaps the 1000 hp that drives it.  

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  Ferrari Purosangue (end of 2021)

  The first Prancing Horse SUV completes its development painfully, lacking experience in the field.  Equipped with 4 doors, it still keeps its technical sheet secret.  

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  Fiat Panda restyled (early 2021)

  A slight facelift accompanies the career of the Italian chip which evolves especially in the passenger compartment, with the arrival of a GPS screen.  She recently proposed a light hybridization.

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  Fiat 500e (early 2021)

  In addition to its classic architecture, the new Fiat 500, fully electric, will be supported by this original 3 + 1 variant, equipped with opposing doors on the right side to facilitate access to the rear seats.  

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  Fiat Tipo Cross (early 2021)

  Recently facelifted, the compact offers its 5-door variant the attributes of an adventurer, unlike the estate silhouette.  Too bad.

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  Ford Puma ST (Spring 2021)

  Alone in this urban SUV niche, the Puma emphasizes the sporting qualities of its 200 hp 3-cylinder.  Those of the Fiesta ST.  

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  Ford S-Max and Galaxy Hybrid (Spring 2021)

  The two survivors of the minivan category intend to strengthen their attractiveness through a classic hybridization which has rather succeeded in the career of the Mondeo, especially with taxi drivers.

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  Ford Ranger (late 2021)

  The famous pick-up will review its copy from top to bottom and share its base with the future Volkswagen Amarok.  Several levels of hybridization should animate it.

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  Ford Mustang Mach-e (Spring 2021)

  More than a year after its revelation, the 100% electric SUV will finally go on sale.  

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  Genesis GV70 (marketing uncertain)

  Hyundai's premium label has announced its return to Europe, via this SUV similar in size to that of the Audi Q5.  Unfortunately, the GV70 could shun the French market because of the significant penalty hanging over its face.  Unless you only capitalize on a PHEV variant.  To be continued...

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  Honda HR-V (late 2021)

  The urban SUV should lengthen copiously, but above all modernize its design.  It will mainly focus on hybridization when it is launched.

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  Honda Civic (Fall 2021)

  While waiting for the return of the bubbling Type R, the classic Civic range will be renewed for the tenth time, with the particularity of being assembled in the USA.  

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  Honda CR-V restyled (summer 2021)

  Mid-career, the mid-range SUV will offer a restyling accompanied by a plug-in hybrid unit.

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  Hyundai i20 N (Spring 2021)

  Due to a dissuasive penalty, the arrival of the first Korean sports city car is not certain in our latitudes.  It's a shame, because this type of small car exceeding 200 hp (204 hp) is rare.  

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  Hyundai Bayon (Spring 2021)

  It is in tribute to the city of Bayonne that Hyundai's new SUV will adopt this surname.  It will be an SUV variant of the recent i20.  

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  Hyundai Kona Electric restyled (early 2021)

  Renowned for its autonomy in its electric variant, the city SUV is powdering its nose, a few weeks after the rest of the Kona range.

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  Hyundai Kona N (Spring 2021)

  The facelift of the Kona will also be the occasion for him to inaugurate a variant N, high performance, with 204 hp minimum.

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  Hyundai Tucson (early 2021)

  In addition to a breakthrough design, this new generation is increasing the number of hybrid units.  

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  Hyundai Sante Fe PHEV (early 2021)

  Who would've believed that ?  Barely more than a year after its launch, the large Korean SUV offers itself a facelift to announce the arrival of plug-in hybridization under its hood.  

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  Ioniq 5 (summer 2021)

  This compact, 100% electric, will have the heavy task of inaugurating the brand new E-GMP platform from the Hyundai-Kia group.  It could break away from the Hyundai crest to deploy Ioniq as a brand in its own right.

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  Kia Niro (fall 2021)

  The compact SUV will completely revise its style but will still offer a very wide electrified range.

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  Kia Sportage (summer 2021)

  Announced as ultra-original, the new generation of Sportage will also rely on its hybridization to seduce.

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  Kia Sorento (early 2021)

  This large 7-seater SUV is completely renewed but rationalizes its range by offering only plug-in hybridization.

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  Kia CV (current 2021)

  Inspired by Jaguar I-Pace, this 100% electric sporty SUV intends to capitalize on the dynamics of its silhouette to win.

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  Jeep Compass restyled (spring 2021)

  Just hybridized, the compact SUV is getting a little fresh on the outside, but deeply revises its copy on board.  Recently presented in China, this facelift should not be long in Europe.

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  Jeep Grand Cherokee (late 2021)

  The new generation will draw its inspiration from the style, a tad neo-retro, of the Grand Wagoneer concept, presented last summer.

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  Jaguar E-Pace (early 2021)

  If he revises his exterior style slightly, the little feline misses the mark of hybridization.  He will have to wait a few more months before enjoying it.

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  Jaguar F-Pace (early 2021)

  Better considered than its little brother, the large Jaguar SUV offers 400 hp PHEV, as well as a more opulent dashboard.

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  Jaguar XJ (late 2021)

  Initially scheduled for 2020, the large 100% electric sedan of the feline is accumulating delays.  It should finally make its appearance later this year.

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  Lamborghini Huracan STO (Spring 2021)

  From the track, this Huracan showing only 1339 kg on the scale for 640 hp is the approved version of the Super Trofeo, and is exchanged for a little less than € 250,000.  

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  Lamborghini Speedster (summer 2021)

  The Aventador J concept car, unveiled in 2012, will ultimately not go unheeded.  A Speedster will soon crown the range, as a farewell, before its replacement by a brand new model.

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  Lan Rover Discovery restyled (early 2021)

  Although it benefits from a facelift, the mastodon seems to have been the great "forgotten" of the Land Rover range, bypassing the plug-in hybridization.  It's unfortunate, in 2021!

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  Range Rover (fall 2021)

  He and his Sport variant will benefit from a brand new platform eligible for 100% electric propulsion.

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  Lotus Esprit Hybrid (current 2021)

  The small British craftsman is modernizing to meet CO2 reduction requirements.  A 500 hp hybrid mechanism, of Toyota origin, will soon be installed under the hood of an Esprit with renewed features.

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  Maserati MC20 (Spring 2021)

  This supercar inaugurates the new 6-cylinder V-shaped engine developed in-house.  With 630 hp, it places its engine in the central rear position, which has disappeared from the Maserati catalog since the 1980s, with the exception of the very small series of MC12s seen in the 2000s. 

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  Maserati Grecale (fall 2021)

  Shorter than the Levante, this approximately 4.70 m long SUV will rest on the platform of the Alfa Romeo Stelvio, but should benefit from the new house V6, deflated to around 550 hp.  

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  Maserati GranTurismo (late 2021)

  The GT coupe will make its appearance at the very end of the year.  Could he get a hybrid engine, or even 100% electric?

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  McLaren Artura (Spring 2021)

  Artura is the name of the hybrid supercar that will replace the 600 range in the coming months.  For the moment, we simply know that it will be based on a turbo V6 architecture.  

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  Mercedes EQA (spring 2021)

  The GLA will soon be converted to a 100% electric powertrain.  He will take the opportunity to change his look ... and his name.

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  Mercedes EQB (spring 2021)

  Same punishment as for the EQA.  But this time it will be a technical basis of GLB, however very similar.

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  Mercedes C-Class (fall 2021)

  The classic sedan will renew its wagon derivative, but could ignore the coupe and convertible bodywork, considered unprofitable.  

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  Mercedes EQT (fall 2021)

  Behind this barbarism hides the electric version of the future replacement of the Citan, itself a Renault Kangoo clone, which will belong to the unique T-Class family.

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  Mercedes EQS (end of 2021)

  It will be an impressive 100% electric sedan capable of competing with the Tesla Model S.

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  Mercedes-Maybach S-Class (summer 2021)

  All just renewed, the S-Class already offers a Maybach finish which, in France, will unfortunately ignore the V12 to be satisfied with a hybrid V8.  

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  Mercedes SL (end of 2021)

  The famous roadster will rise from its ashes.  Promised to a 2 + 2 architecture, it should however benefit from a canvas top, more than 20 years after its disappearance in favor of a retractable hardtop.  

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  Mercedes-AMG One (current 2021)

  Like the Aston Martin Valkyrie, Mercedes' hypercar had a difficult genesis.  Its 1000 hp hybrid V6 technology, derived from Formula 1, seems difficult to make reliable.  Its first copies should finally be delivered in the course of 2021. 

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  MG EHS (spring 2021)

  In order to avoid any doubtful connotation, the one who is called HS in the Chinese market will be renamed EHS for France.  This is an inexpensive, exclusively PHEV 258 hp SUV, similar in size to the DS7 Crossback.

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  Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross PHEV (Spring 2021)

  A time in the hot seat, the diamond manufacturer finally confirms its continued presence in the European market in 2021. It will restyl the Eclipse Cross by allocating the services of a PHEV variant to it.  

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  Mitsubishi Outlander (marketing uncertain)

  Despite its status as the number 1 PHEV vehicle in Europe for many years, the new Outlander could be refused on the European market to rationalize its international offer.

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  Nissan Qashqai (Spring 2021)

  Expected like the messiah to save the Nissan house in Europe, the third generation will bet on a hybridization, but will still drag its CVT automatic transmission. 

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  Nissan Ariya (Spring 2021)

  The new 100% electric platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance will be inaugurated by this large long SUV like the Audi Q5.  It will offer up to 394 hp.  

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  Opel Crossland restyled (early 2021)

  The urban SUV already adopts the aesthetic codes of the Mokka, but ignores engine innovations.  

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  Opel Mokka (early 2021)

  He created a real shock in the Opel range by inaugurating a style in total rupture.  Produced in France, in Poissy, it will offer a 100% electric alternative.  

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  Opel Grandland (spring 2021)

  To hang up the wagons with his little brothers, in terms of style, the cousin of the Peugeot 3008 will adopt the Vizor grille dear to Opel designers for a few months.  

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  Peugeot e-208 PSE (end of 2021)

  The electric 208 will have the difficult task of replacing the iconic GTI coat of arms.  But it is rumored that its power would amount to only 170 hp.  A case to follow ... 

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  Peugeot 308 (fall 2021)

  The compact will be completely renewed on an evolution of the EMP2 platform which will allow it the use of PHEV blocks. 

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  Peugeot 308 SW (late 2021)

  A few months after the sedan, the 308 station wagon will enter the scene.  

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  Peugeot 3008 restyled (early 2021)

  The king of the Lion-struck SUVs is radically reviewing its style, failing to offer new engines.  

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  Peugeot 3008 PSE (end of 2021)

  The 3008, already strong with a 300 hp plug-in hybrid variant, should add a layer to reach 360 hp, in order to put on a real sporty dress.  

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  Peugeot 5008 restyled (early 2021)

  The 7-seater variant of the 3008 benefits at the same time from a facelift, but still not from a rechargeable hybridization.  >> Our FULL TRIAL

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  Peugeot 508 PSE (early 2021)

  30 years after the 405 Mi16, a sports sedan reappears in the Lion catalog.  Thanks to the rechargeable hybridization, it accumulates 360 hp, both in sedan and station wagon bodywork, with elitist prices.  

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  Peugeot e-Rifter (spring 2021)

  Like the Berlingo, the Lion's MPV will convert to electric.

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  Porsche Macan-e (end of 2021)

  The sense of the story is that the next generation of Macans will be fully electrified, with more than 400 hp minimum.  In parallel, and to satisfy fans of thermal blocks, the current Macan will benefit from a second facelift bringing it closer, internally and externally, to the new electric variant.  

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  Porsche Taycan Sport Turismo (Spring 2021)

  Like the Panamera, the Taycan will be entitled to a wagon silhouette called Sport Turismo.

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  Porsche 911 GT3 (current 2021)

  Almost complete, the 911 range is only suffering from its GT3 variants.  2021 will therefore see the arrival of these two trackers, the most extreme of which, called RS.  Their powers should evolve between 530 and 550 hp.

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  Renault Captur RS Line E-Tech (early 2021)

  To celebrate the introduction of a classic 140 hp hybridization, the Losange's urban SUV gets an RS Line finish.

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  Renault Megane E-Tech plug-in (early 2021)

  After the station wagon, it is the sedan's turn to take advantage of the 160 hp PHEV block, pending the introduction of the classic 140 hp hybridization. 

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  Renault Megane ZE (fall 2021)

  Soon fully converted to electricity, the Mégane will take the opportunity to raise its plate.  More for the sake of optimizing its interior space than for the desire to become a crossover.  

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  Renault Scenic restyled (early 2021)

  At the end of their career, the two minivans benefit from a development of their range, in the absence of real restyling.

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  Renault Arkana (spring 2021)

  The SUV coupe intends to democratize the genre, with a size identical to that of the DS 7 Crossback (4.57 m long).  With 160 hp maximum, it still lacks muscular engines to shine among sports crossovers.  

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  Renault Express (spring 2021)

  The Renault group recycles the Dacia Dokker to resuscitate the Express, and offer a cheap MPV.

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  Renault Kangoo (spring 2021)

  This third generation moderates its style and multiplies the offers of virtuous engines with hybrid and electric.  

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  Rolls-Royce Ghost (Spring 2021)

  Ten years after the launch of the first generation, based on the BMW 7 Series, the brand new opus is pleased with a platform that has been entirely devoted to it.  

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  Seat Ibiza restyled (current 2021)

  In the shadow of the Arona, which has become the majority commercially, the city car will benefit from a facelift similar to that of its big brother.

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  Seat Arona restyled (current 2021)

  The small urban SUV will soon benefit from a facelift which could, in passing, migrate one of its variants into the Cupra catalog.

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  Seat Tarraco FR eHybrid (early 2021)

  The large 7-seater SUV separates two of its seats to accommodate the bulky plug-in hybrid powertrain of the Tiguan (245 hp).

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  Skoda Fabia (summer 2021)

  By renewing itself, the Czech city car will finally benefit from the modern MQB-A0 platform inaugurated by the Seat Ibiza and Volkswagen Polo in 2017. 

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  Skoda Kodiaq restyled (spring 2021)

  This close cousin of the Tarraco will also benefit from a PHEV engine, but will have the advantage of accompanying this new technology with a restyling.

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  Skoda Enyaq iV (Spring 2021)

  This Volskwagen ID.4 clone, therefore 100% electric, announces a similar technical sheet.  But curiously, its interior finish will be a step above the VW model, once is not customary.  

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  Skoda Enyaq iV GT (late 2021)

  Extrapolated from the original Enyaq iV, this GT variant will display a more dynamic coupe silhouette.

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  Ssangyong Korando EV (summer 2021)

  Extrapolated from the thermal model, this electric version will offer up to 320 km of autonomy.

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  Ssangyong Rexton restyled (spring 2021)

  The Korean colossus will bulge the torso on the occasion of its facelift, with an imposing grille.  However, it does not intend to electrify its engines.

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  Subaru Levorg (current 2021)

  6.5 cm longer than the current one, this new station wagon will reach 4.75 m long to rub shoulders with the Skoda Octavia Combi.  It should benefit from a new 177 hp 1.8 turbo petrol flat-4.

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  Subaru BRZ (marketing uncertain)

  Despite its popularity rating, the sympathetic Japanese coupe could not put the wheels on French soil, because of the penalty that hangs in the nose, despite its measured power of 231 ch, developed by a flat-4 of 2.4 l atmospheric.  

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  Suzuki Swayce (early 2021)

  Suzuki recycles the Toyota Corolla station wagon to offer a family hybrid model to its catalog.

  117 / 134

  Suzuki Across (early 2021)

  Neither more nor less than a barely rebadged Toyota RAV4, the Across only offers the expensive rechargeable hybrid powertrain, failing the classic offer.  Too bad.  

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  Tesla Model Y (late 2021)

  If it has been available for a long time in the USA, the MPV derivative of the Model 3 is only waiting for the construction of its Berlin factory to launch on the European market.  A project that will end ... end of 2021, if all goes well.  

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  Tesla Model S Plaid (Spring 2021)

  At the end of its career, the 100% electric sedan does not intend to end its days by the fireside, despite its name.  It will engage the services of 3 engines to develop more than 1,100 hp, with a view to securing the lap record on the Nürburgring circuit.  

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  Toyota Yaris Cross (summer 2021)

  The Yaris is expanding to become an urban crossover.  Obviously, hybridization will be on the program.  

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  Toyota Highlander (Spring 2021)

  This very large SUV, until now reserved for the American market, will soon debut in Europe.  Obviously hybridized, it will however dispense with a plug-in hybrid variant.  

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  Toyota Miraï (current 2021)

  The ugly duckling is transformed into an elegant sedan with false airs of Audi A7 Sportback to better promote its hydrogen technology.

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  Volkswagen Polo restyled (current 2021)

  It is 4 years after its launch that the ant will benefit from a blow of fresh air on its style, when its techno baggage will be revalued.  

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  Volkswagen T-Sport (late 2021)

  Despite its similarity in size to the T-Roc, this SUV coupe will see the light of day in Europe, after its introduction on the South American market for a few months, under the name Nivus 

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  Volkswagen Golf SW (early 2021)

  After the 4-door variant comes the turn of the SW station wagon to complete the Golf range. 

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  Volkswagen Golf Alltrack (early 2021)

  The Golf break also revives its adventurous ambitions with this Alltrack variant.

  127 / 134

  Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport (early 2021)

  Barely marketed, the 245 hp Golf GTI saw its power increased to 300 hp for the needs of this Clubsport version.  

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  Volkswagen Golf R (spring 2021)

  And 3 ... sports cars within the Golf family with this 320 hp R which relies on all-wheel drive.  

  129 / 134

  Volkswagen Tiguan ehybrid (early 2021)

  To celebrate its facelift, the compact SUV is finally offered rechargeable hybridization.  

  130 / 134

  Volkswagen ID.4 (spring 2021)

  The big brother of the ID.3, 100% electric, will wear an SUV costume to take on a more family role.  

  131 / 134

  Volkswagen ID.4 GTX (late 2021)

  At the end of the year, the ID.4 will be joined by a cut silhouette with a more sporty technical sheet.

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  Volkswagen Amarok (end of 2021)

  To lower its development costs, the second-generation Amarok will no longer go it alone.  It will be based on the technical basis of the next Ford Ranger.

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  Volkswagen Caddy (early 2021)

  The recreational vehicle is completely renewed thanks to the Golf platform.  Ultimately, it should benefit from rechargeable hybridization.

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  Toyota Camry restyled (early 2021)

  The confidential Japanese sedan, although acclaimed by taxi drivers for its hybrid powertrain, slightly revise its copy in terms of style and equipment.